Personal Projects

A lot of small toy projects can be found on my GitHub and Glitch (and a number of small plugins and scripts can be found on my Gists), mostly these exist to play around with some tech or solve a very small problem for myself. A couple of bigger things that I'm proud of though:

  • Year in Fractions , a Twitter bot inspired by @year_progress , powered by Express, tweets daily how far through the year we are as a (usually approximate) fraction
  • PuppetDF, what started as a hacky proof-of-concept that turned out to be surprisingly useful. An app that takes a URL and uses Puppeteer (a headless Chromium browser) to output a PDF
  • slice-or-substr, a kind of broken toy that demonstrates how slice, substring and substr all work in JavaScript, because I can never remember
  • Wizzbo , a Discord bot that acts as a playground for me to try out ideas, but with the functionality to deploy subsets of commands as their own sub-bots
  • This very site , a Gatsby site running on Netlify
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