About David

David Sharp (he/him) is a "code wizard" living in Brighton

David unconditionally loves JavaScript, and can often be found writing apps in exchange for money

David has the brain of a magpie and also pretends to be interested in design, learns Japanese 'for the culture', casually dabbles in game dev and owns a guitar (and at least one pedal)

David in Kyoto, December 2016

About this site

This site was built using Fresh and is running on Deno Deploy

The typefaces used are Fredoka One in the headings and Balsamiq Sans everywhere else

The palette is #FFB6C1, #FF6347 and #FEDF00.


Received a 2:1 BSc(Hons) Software Engineering from University of Brighton in 2014; mostly Java-focussed, but completed modules that touched on databases, embedded systems, computer graphics and such

Currently working at Charanga, started in 2015 (9 years), building Android, iOS and Desktop apps primarily in JavaScript. Initially using Cordova and AngularJS, but these days using Electron/React and React Native